Angiomatosis, Bacillary


Angiomatoses, Bacillary

Angiomatoses, Bacillary Epithelioid

Angiomatoses, Epithelioid

Angiomatosis, Bacillary Epithelioid

Angiomatosis, Epithelioid

Bacillary Angiomatoses

Bacillary Angiomatosis

Bacillary Epithelioid Angiomatoses

Bacillary Epithelioid Angiomatosis

Epithelioid Angiomatoses

Epithelioid Angiomatoses, Bacillary

Epithelioid Angiomatosis

Epithelioid Angiomatosis, Bacillary

A reactive vascular proliferation that is characterized by the multiple tumor-like lesions in skin, bone, brain, and other organs. Bacillary angiomatosis is caused by infection with gram-negative Bartonella bacilli (such as BARTONELLA HENSELAE), and is often seen in AIDS patients and other IMMUNOCOMPROMISED HOSTS.