Antigens, CD79


Antigen, CD79

Antigen, CD79a

Antigen, CD79b

Antigen, Igbeta

Antigens, CD79a

Antigens, CD79b

B Cell Antigen Receptor Complex Associated Protein Beta Chain

B-Cell Antigen Receptor Complex Associated Protein Beta-Chain

CD79 Antigen

CD79 Antigens

CD79a Antigen

CD79a Antigens

CD79b Antigen

CD79b Antigens

IgM Alpha Component

IgM-Alpha Component

Igbeta Antigen

Immunoglobulin Associated Alpha Protein

Immunoglobulin Associated Beta Protein

Immunoglobulin-Associated Alpha Protein

Immunoglobulin-Associated Beta Protein

A component of the B-cell antigen receptor that is involved in B-cell antigen receptor heavy chain transport to the PLASMA MEMBRANE. It is expressed almost exclusively in B-LYMPHOCYTES and serves as a useful marker for B-cell NEOPLASMS.