Blood Gas Monitoring, Transcutaneous


Capnometries, Transcutaneous

Capnometry, Transcutaneous

Carbon Dioxide Partial Pressure Determination, Transcutaneous

Cutaneous Oximetries

Cutaneous Oximetry

Oximetries, Cutaneous

Oximetries, Transcutaneous

Oximetry, Cutaneous

Oximetry, Transcutaneous

Oxygen Partial Pressure Determination, Transcutaneous



Transcutaneous Blood Gas Monitoring

Transcutaneous Capnometries

Transcutaneous Capnometry

Transcutaneous Oximetries

Transcutaneous Oximetry

The noninvasive measurement or determination of the partial pressure (tension) of oxygen and/or carbon dioxide locally in the capillaries of a tissue by the application to the skin of a special set of electrodes. These electrodes contain photoelectric sensors capable of picking up the specific wavelengths of radiation emitted by oxygenated versus reduced hemoglobin.