Blotting, Far-Western


Blot, Far Western

Blot, Far-Western

Blot, West Western

Blot, West-Western

Blots, Far-Western

Blots, West-Western

Blotting, Far Western

Blotting, West Western

Blotting, West-Western

Blottings, Far-Western

Blottings, West-Western

Far Western Blot

Far Western Blotting

Far-Western Blot

Far-Western Blots

Far-Western Blotting

Far-Western Blottings

West Western Blot

West-Western Blot

West-Western Blots

West-Western Blotting

West-Western Blottings

A method that is derived from western blotting (BLOTTING, WESTERN) and is used to detect protein-protein interactions. The blotted proteins are probed with a non-antibody protein which can then be tagged with a labeled antibody.