Brain Concussion


Brain Concussions

Cerebral Concussion

Cerebral Concussions

Commotio Cerebri

Concussion, Brain

Concussion, Cerebral

Concussion, Intermediate

Concussion, Mild

Concussion, Severe

Intermediate Concussion

Intermediate Concussions

Mild Concussion

Mild Concussions

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Severe Concussion

Severe Concussions

A nonspecific term used to describe transient alterations or loss of consciousness following closed head injuries. The duration of UNCONSCIOUSNESS generally lasts a few seconds, but may persist for several hours. Concussions may be classified as mild, intermediate, and severe. Prolonged periods of unconsciousness (often defined as greater than 6 hours in duration) may be referred to as post-traumatic coma (COMA, POST-HEAD INJURY). (From Rowland, Merritt's Textbook of Neurology, 9th ed, p418)