Brain Infarction


Anterior Cerebral Circulation Infarction

Anterior Circulation Brain Infarction

Anterior Circulation Infarction, Brain

Brain Infarction, Anterior Circulation

Brain Infarction, Posterior Circulation

Brain Infarction, Venous

Brain Infarctions

Brain Infarctions, Venous

Brain Venous Infarction

Brain Venous Infarctions

Infarction, Anterior Cerebral Circulation

Infarction, Anterior Circulation, Brain

Infarction, Brain

Infarction, Brain Venous

Infarction, Brain, Anterior Circulation

Infarction, Brain, Posterior Circulation

Infarction, Posterior Circulation, Brain

Infarction, Venous Brain

Infarctions, Brain

Infarctions, Brain Venous

Infarctions, Venous Brain

Posterior Circulation Brain Infarction

Posterior Circulation Infarction, Brain

Venous Brain Infarction

Venous Brain Infarctions

Venous Infarction, Brain

Venous Infarctions, Brain

Tissue NECROSIS in any area of the brain, including the CEREBRAL HEMISPHERES, the CEREBELLUM, and the BRAIN STEM. Brain infarction is the result of a cascade of events initiated by inadequate blood flow through the brain that is followed by HYPOXIA and HYPOGLYCEMIA in brain tissue. Damage may be temporary, permanent, selective or pan-necrosis.

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