C2 Domains


C2 Domain

C2 Tensin type Domain

C2 Tensin-type Domain

C2 Tensin-type Domains

Domain, C2

Domain, C2 Tensin-type

Domains, C2

Domains, C2 Tensin-type

Tensin-type Domain, C2

Tensin-type Domains, C2

Protein modules that function in the targeting of proteins to CELL MEMBRANES. They consist of an eight-stranded anti-parallel beta-sandwich composed of a pair of four-stranded beta-sheets. This structural unit forms a pocket on the membrane-interacting face of the protein and co-ordinates the binding of 2 to 3 calcium ions; however, not all C2 domains bind calcium. Examples of C2 domain-containing proteins include PROTEIN KINASE C and PTEN PHOSPHOHYDROLASE.