Protein Conformation, beta-Strand


Conformation, beta-Sheet Protein

Conformation, beta-Strand Protein

Conformations, beta-Sheet Protein

Conformations, beta-Strand Protein

Protein Conformation, beta Sheet

Protein Conformation, beta Strand

Protein Conformation, beta-Sheet

Protein Conformations, beta-Sheet

Protein Conformations, beta-Strand

Sheet, beta-Pleated

Sheets, beta-Pleated

beta Pleated Sheet

beta Sheet

beta Sheets

beta Strand

beta Stranded Structures

beta Strands

beta-Pleated Sheet

beta-Pleated Sheets


beta-Sheet Protein Conformation

beta-Sheet Protein Conformations



beta-Strand Protein Conformation

beta-Strand Protein Conformations

beta-Stranded Structure

beta-Stranded Structures


A secondary structure of proteins where the amino (N-H) groups of a polypeptide backbone, three to ten amino acids in length, establish hydrogen bonds with the carbonyl (C=O) groups in the backbone of adjacent strands. These may form a beta-sheet, where the side chains of the adjacent strands point in the same direction.