Ali esterase


B esterase


CAP hydrolyzing Enzyme

CAP-hydrolyzing Enzyme

Capsaicin Hydrolyzing Enzyme

Capsaicin-Hydrolyzing Enzyme


Carboxylate Esterase

Carboxylester Lipase

Carboxylesterase B

Carboxylesterase, Non-specific

Carboxylic Ester Hydrolase

ES-1A, Esterase

Enzyme, CAP-hydrolyzing

Enzyme, Capsaicin-Hydrolyzing

Ester Hydrolase, Carboxylic

Esterase 10

Esterase 13

Esterase 3

Esterase 6A

Esterase 8

Esterase ES 1A

Esterase ES-1A

Esterase, Carboxylate

Esterase, Naproxen

Esterase, Non-specific

Esterase, Nonspecific

Esterase, Procaine

Hydrolase S

Hydrolase, Carboxylic Ester

Isocarboxazid amidase

Lipase, Carboxylester

Naproxen Esterase

Non specific Carboxylesterase

Non specific Esterase

Non-specific Carboxylesterase

Non-specific Esterase

Nonspecific Esterase

Procaine Esterase

amidase, Isocarboxazid

Carboxylesterase is a serine-dependent esterase with wide substrate specificity. The enzyme is involved in the detoxification of XENOBIOTICS and the activation of ester and of amide PRODRUGS.