Cardiography, Impedance


Cardiographies, Impedance

Impedance Cardiographies

Impedance Cardiography

Impedance Plethysmographies, Transthoracic

Impedance Plethysmography, Transthoracic

Impedance, Transthoracic

Impedances, Transthoracic

Plethysmographies, Transthoracic Impedance

Plethysmography, Impedance, Transthoracic

Plethysmography, Transthoracic Impedance

Transthoracic Impedance

Transthoracic Impedance Plethysmographies

Transthoracic Impedance Plethysmography

Transthoracic Impedances

A type of impedance plethysmography in which bioelectrical impedance is measured between electrodes positioned around the neck and around the lower thorax. It is used principally to calculate stroke volume and cardiac volume, but it is also related to myocardial contractility, thoracic fluid content, and circulation to the extremities.