Caspase 7


Apoptotic Protease Mch 3

Apoptotic Protease Mch-3


ICE Like Apoptotic Protease 3

ICE-Like Apoptotic Protease 3

Mch 3 Protease

Mch-3 Protease

Mch-3, Apoptotic Protease

Pro caspase 7

Pro-caspase 7


Procaspase 7


Protease Mch-3, Apoptotic

Protease, Mch-3

A short pro-domain caspase that plays an effector role in APOPTOSIS. It is activated by INITIATOR CASPASES such as CASPASE 3 and CASPASE 10. Several isoforms of this protein exist due to multiple alternative splicing of its MESSENGER RNA.