Chondroitin Lyases


Chondroitin AC Lyase

Chondroitin B Lyase

Chondroitin Eliminase

Chondroitin Sulfate Lyase

Chondroitinase AC II

Chondroitinase-AC II

Eliminase, Chondroitin

Lyase, Chondroitin AC

Lyase, Chondroitin B

Lyase, Chondroitin Sulfate

Lyases, Chondroitin

Sulfate Lyase, Chondroitin

Enzymes which catalyze the elimination of delta-4,5-D-glucuronate residues from polysaccharides containing 1,4-beta-hexosaminyl and 1,3-beta-D-glucuronosyl or 1,3-alpha-L-iduronosyl linkages thereby bringing about depolymerization. EC acts on chondroitin sulfate A and C as well as on dermatan sulfate and slowly on hyaluronate. EC acts on chondroitin sulfate A and C.