Collagen Type VI


Collagen Type VI, alpha1 Chain

Collagen Type VI, alpha1 Subunit

Collagen Type VI, alpha2 Chain

Collagen Type VI, alpha2 Subunit

Collagen Type VI, alpha3 Chain

Collagen Type VI, alpha3 Subunit

Collagen Type-VI, alpha2 Chain

Collagen alpha1(VI)

Collagen alpha2(VI)

Collagen alpha3(VI)

Collagen, Intima

Collagen, Type VI

Intima Collagen

Procollagen Type VI

Procollagen, Type VI

Type VI (Intima) Collagen

Type VI Collagen

Type VI Procollagen

A non-fibrillar collagen that forms a network of MICROFIBRILS within the EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX of CONNECTIVE TISSUE. The alpha subunits of collagen type VI assemble into antiparallel, overlapping dimers which then align to form tetramers.