Crk-Associated Substrate Protein


BCAR1 Protein

Breast Cancer Anti Estrogen Resistance 1 Protein

Breast Cancer Anti-Estrogen Resistance 1 Protein

CKRAS Protein

Cas Protein, p130

Crk Associated Substrate

Crk Associated Substrate Protein

Crk-Associated Substrate

Crk-Associated Substrate, p130

Substrate Protein, Crk-Associated

Substrate, p130 Crk-Associated

p130 Cas Protein

p130 Crk Associated Substrate

p130 Crk-Associated Substrate

p130Cas Protein

Crk-associated substrate was originally identified as a highly phosphorylated 130 kDa protein that associates with ONCOGENE PROTEIN CRK and ONCOGENE PROTEIN SRC. It is a signal transducing adaptor protein that undergoes tyrosine PHOSPHORYLATION in signaling pathways that regulate CELL MIGRATION and CELL PROLIFERATION.