D-Xylulose Reductase


D Xylulose Reductase

Dehydrogenase, NAD-Dependent Xylitol

Dehydrogenase, Xylitol

NAD Dependent Xylitol Dehydrogenase

NAD-Dependent Xylitol Dehydrogenase

Reductase, D-Xylulose

Xylitol Dehydrogenase

Xylitol Dehydrogenase, NAD-Dependent

xylitol NAD 2-oxidoreductase (D-xylulose-forming)

An enzyme that plays a role in the PENTOSES and GLUCURONATES interconversion pathway by catalyzing the oxidation of XYLITOL to D-xylulose. This enzyme has been found to be specific for NAD+.