Death-Associated Protein Kinases


DAP Kinase

DAP Kinase 2


DAPL Kinase

DRP-1 Protein (Kinase)

Death Associated Protein Kinase 1

Death Associated Protein Kinase 2

Death Associated Protein Kinase 3

Death Associated Protein Kinase Related Protein 1

Death Associated Protein Kinases

Death Associated Protein Like Kinase

Death-Associated Protein Kinase 1

Death-Associated Protein Kinase 2

Death-Associated Protein Kinase 3

Death-Associated Protein Kinase-Related Protein 1

Death-Associated Protein-Like Kinase

Kinase 2, DAP

Kinase, DAP

Kinase, DAPL

Kinase, Death-Associated Protein-Like

Kinase, SMPP-1M-Associated

Kinase, ZIP

Kinase, ZIP-Like

Kinases, Death-Associated Protein

Protein Kinases, Death-Associated

Protein-Like Kinase, Death-Associated

SMPP 1M Associated Kinase

SMPP-1M-Associated Kinase

ZIP Kinase

ZIP Like Kinase

ZIP-Like Kinase

A family of calcium/calmodulin-dependent PROETIN-SERINE-THREONINE KINASES. They are ubiquitously expressed in adult and embryonic mammalian tissues, and their functions are tightly related to the early stages of eukaryotic programmed cell death.