Depressive Disorder, Treatment-Resistant


Depression, Refractory

Depression, Therapy-Resistant

Depression, Treatment Resistant

Depressions, Refractory

Depressions, Therapy-Resistant

Depressions, Treatment Resistant

Depressive Disorder, Treatment Resistant

Depressive Disorders, Treatment-Resistant

Disorder, Treatment-Resistant Depressive

Disorders, Treatment-Resistant Depressive

Refractory Depression

Refractory Depressions

Resistant Depression, Treatment

Resistant Depressions, Treatment

Therapy Resistant Depression

Therapy-Resistant Depression

Therapy-Resistant Depressions

Treatment Resistant Depression

Treatment Resistant Depressions

Treatment-Resistant Depressive Disorder

Treatment-Resistant Depressive Disorders

Failure to respond to two or more trials of antidepressant monotherapy or failure to respond to four or more trials of different antidepressant therapies. (Campbell's Psychiatric Dictionary, 9th ed.)