DNA Fingerprinting


DNA Fingerprint

DNA Fingerprintings

DNA Fingerprints

DNA Profiling

DNA Profilings

DNA Typing

DNA Typings

Fingerprint, DNA

Fingerprinting, DNA

Fingerprinting, Genetic

Fingerprintings, DNA

Fingerprintings, Genetic

Fingerprints, DNA

Genetic Fingerprinting

Genetic Fingerprintings

Profiling, DNA

Typing, DNA

Typings, DNA

A technique for identifying individuals of a species that is based on the uniqueness of their DNA sequence. Uniqueness is determined by identifying which combination of allelic variations occur in the individual at a statistically relevant number of different loci. In forensic studies, RESTRICTION FRAGMENT LENGTH POLYMORPHISM of multiple, highly polymorphic VNTR LOCI or MICROSATELLITE REPEAT loci are analyzed. The number of loci used for the profile depends on the ALLELE FREQUENCY in the population.