Dosage Compensation, Genetic


Compensation, Dosage (Genetics)

Compensation, Gene Dosage

Compensation, Genetic Dosage

Dosage Compensation (Genetics)

Dosage Compensation, Gene

Gene Dosage Compensation

Gene Dosage Compensations

Genetic Dosage Compensation

Genetic Dosage Compensations

Hypertranscription, X Chromosome

Hypertranscription, X-Chromosome

X Chromosome Hypertranscription

X-Chromosome Hypertranscription

Genetic mechanisms that allow GENES to be expressed at a similar level irrespective of their GENE DOSAGE. This term is usually used in discussing genes that lie on the SEX CHROMOSOMES. Because the sex chromosomes are only partially homologous, there is a different copy number, i.e., dosage, of these genes in males vs. females. In DROSOPHILA, dosage compensation is accomplished by hypertranscription of genes located on the X CHROMOSOME. In mammals, dosage compensation of X chromosome genes is accomplished by random X CHROMOSOME INACTIVATION of one of the two X chromosomes in the female.