Dysentery, Amebic


Amebiases, Intestinal

Amebiasis, Intestinal

Amebic Colitides

Amebic Colitis

Amebic Dysenteries

Amebic Dysentery

Amoebiases, Intestinal

Amoebiasis, Intestinal

Amoebic Colitides

Amoebic Colitis

Amoebic Dysenteries

Amoebic Dysentery

Colitides, Amebic

Colitides, Amoebic

Colitis, Amebic

Colitis, Amoebic

Dysenteries, Amebic

Dysenteries, Amoebic

Dysentery, Amoebic

Entamoebiases, Intestinal

Entamoebiasis, Intestinal

Intestinal Amebiases

Intestinal Amebiasis

Intestinal Amoebiases

Intestinal Amoebiasis

Intestinal Entamoebiases

Intestinal Entamoebiasis

DYSENTERY caused by intestinal amebic infection, chiefly with ENTAMOEBA HISTOLYTICA. This condition may be associated with amebic infection of the LIVER and other distant sites.