Dysentery, Bacillary


Bacillary Dysentery

Dysenteries, Shigella

Dysenteries, Shigella boydii

Dysenteries, Shigella dysenteriae

Dysenteries, Shigella flexneri

Dysenteries, Shigella sonnei

Dysentery, Shiga bacillus

Dysentery, Shigella

Dysentery, Shigella boydii

Dysentery, Shigella dysenteriae

Dysentery, Shigella dysenteriae type 1

Dysentery, Shigella flexneri

Dysentery, Shigella sonnei

Shiga bacillus Dysentery

Shigella Dysenteries

Shigella Dysentery

Shigella boydii Dysenteries

Shigella boydii Dysentery

Shigella dysenteriae Dysenteries

Shigella dysenteriae Dysentery

Shigella flexneri Dysenteries

Shigella flexneri Dysentery

Shigella sonnei Dysenteries

Shigella sonnei Dysentery


boydii Dysenteries, Shigella

boydii Dysentery, Shigella

dysenteriae Dysenteries, Shigella

dysenteriae Dysentery, Shigella

flexneri Dysenteries, Shigella

flexneri Dysentery, Shigella

sonnei Dysenteries, Shigella

sonnei Dysentery, Shigella

DYSENTERY caused by gram-negative rod-shaped enteric bacteria (ENTEROBACTERIACEAE), most often by the genus SHIGELLA. Shigella dysentery, Shigellosis, is classified into subgroups according to syndrome severity and the infectious species. Group A: SHIGELLA DYSENTERIAE (severest); Group B: SHIGELLA FLEXNERI; Group C: SHIGELLA BOYDII; and Group D: SHIGELLA SONNEI (mildest).