Enterochromaffin Cells


5 HT Containing Enterochromaffin Cells

5-HT-Containing Enterochromaffin Cell

5-HT-Containing Enterochromaffin Cells

Argentaffin Cell

Argentaffin Cells

Cell, Enterochromaffin

Cells, Enterochromaffin

Enterochromaffin Cell

Enterochromaffin Cell, 5-HT-Containing

Enterochromaffin Cell, Serotonin-Containing

Enterochromaffin Cells, 5-HT-Containing

Enterochromaffin Cells, Serotonin-Containing

Serotonin Containing Enterochromaffin Cells

Serotonin-Containing Enterochromaffin Cell

Serotonin-Containing Enterochromaffin Cells

A subtype of enteroendocrine cells found in the gastrointestinal MUCOSA, particularly in the glands of PYLORIC ANTRUM; DUODENUM; and ILEUM. These cells secrete mainly SEROTONIN and some neuropeptides. Their secretory granules stain readily with silver (argentaffin stain).