Cek7 Ligand

Cek7 RPTK Ligand

ELF 1 Protein, Mammalian

ELF-1 Protein, Mammalian

EPLG6 Gene Product

Eph Ligand Family 1 Protein, Mammalian

Ephrin A2

LERK 6 Protein

LERK-6 Protein

Ligand, Cek7

Ligand, Cek7 RPTK

Mammalian ELF-1 Protein

RPTK Ligand, Cek7

A GLYCOINOSITOL PHOSPHOLIPID MEMBRANE ANCHOR-containing ephrin with a high affinity for the EPHA3 RECEPTOR. Early in embryogenesis it is expressed at high levels in the MESENCEPHALON; SOMITES; branchial arches, and LIMB BUDS.