Feline Panleukopenia


Agranulocytoses, Feline

Agranulocytosis, Feline

Ataxia, Feline

Ataxias, Feline

Cat Plague

Cat Plagues

Distemper, Feline

Distempers, Feline

Enteritides, Feline Infectious

Enteritis, Feline Infectious

Feline Agranulocytoses

Feline Agranulocytosis

Feline Ataxia

Feline Ataxias

Feline Distemper

Feline Distempers

Feline Infectious Enteritides

Feline Infectious Enteritis

Feline Panleukopenias

Fever, Show

Fevers, Show

Infectious Enteritides, Feline

Infectious Enteritis, Feline

Panleukopenia, Feline

Panleukopenias, Feline

Plague, Cat

Plagues, Cat

Show Fever

Show Fevers

A highly contagious DNA virus infection of the cat family, characterized by fever, enteritis and bone marrow changes. It is also called feline ataxia, feline agranulocytosis, feline infectious enteritis, cat fever, cat plague, and show fever. It is caused by FELINE PANLEUKOPENIA VIRUS or the closely related MINK ENTERITIS VIRUS or CANINE PARVOVIRUS.