Femoral Neuropathy


Femoral Mononeuropathies

Femoral Mononeuropathy

Femoral Nerve Disease

Femoral Nerve Diseases

Femoral Neuritis

Femoral Neuropathies

Mononeuropathies, Femoral

Mononeuropathy, Femoral

Nerve Disease, Femoral

Nerve Diseases, Femoral

Neuropathies, Femoral

Neuropathy, Femoral

Disease involving the femoral nerve. The femoral nerve may be injured by ISCHEMIA (e.g., in association with DIABETIC NEUROPATHIES), nerve compression, trauma, COLLAGEN DISEASES, and other disease processes. Clinical features include MUSCLE WEAKNESS or PARALYSIS of hip flexion and knee extension, ATROPHY of the QUADRICEPS MUSCLE, reduced or absent patellar reflex, and impaired sensation over the anterior and medial thigh.