Focal Epithelial Hyperplasia


Disease, Heck

Disease, Heck's

Epithelial Hyperplasia, Focal

Epithelial Hyperplasias, Focal

Focal Epithelial Hyperplasia, Oral

Focal Epithelial Hyperplasias

Heck Disease

Heck's Disease

Hecks Disease

Hyperplasia, Focal Epithelial

Hyperplasias, Focal Epithelial

Hyperplasia of the mucous membrane of the lips, tongue, and less commonly, the buccal mucosa, floor of the mouth, and palate, presenting soft, painless, round to oval sessile papules about 1 to 4 mm in diameter. The condition usually occurs in children and young adults and has familial predilection, lasting for several months, sometimes years, before running its course. A viral etiology is suspected, the isolated organism being usually the human papillomavirus. (Jablonski, Illustrated Dictionary of Dentistry; Belshe, Textbook of Human Virology, 2d ed, p954)