Fornix, Brain


Brain Fimbria

Brain Fimbrias

Brain Fornices

Brain Fornix

Commissura Hippocampi

Commissura Hippocampus

Commissure of Fornix

Commissure, Dorsal Hippocampal

Commissure, Fornical

Commissure, Hippocampal

Commissures, Dorsal Hippocampal

Commissures, Fornical

Commissures, Hippocampal

Dorsal Hippocampal Commissure

Dorsal Hippocampal Commissures

Fimbria (Brain)

Fimbria Fornix

Fimbria of Hippocampus

Fimbria, Brain



Fimbrias (Brain)

Fimbrias, Brain

Fornical Commissure

Fornical Commissures

Fornices (Brain)

Fornices, Brain

Fornix (Brain)

Fornix Commissure

Fornix Commissures

Fornix Fimbria



Hippocampal Commissure

Hippocampal Commissure, Dorsal

Hippocampal Commissures

Hippocampal Commissures, Dorsal

Hippocampi, Commissura

Hippocampus Fimbria

Hippocampus Fimbrias

Hippocampus, Commissura

Heavily myelinated fiber bundle of the TELENCEPHALON projecting from the hippocampal formation to the HYPOTHALAMUS. Some authorities consider the fornix part of the LIMBIC SYSTEM. The fimbria starts as a flattened band of axons arising from the subiculum and HIPPOCAMPUS, which then thickens to form the fornix.