Ammon Horn

Ammon's Horn

Ammons Horn

Collaterals, Schaffer

Cornu Ammonis

Formation, Hippocampal

Formations, Hippocampal

Hippocampal Formation

Hippocampal Formations

Hippocampus Proper

Hippocampus Propers

Horn, Ammon

Horn, Ammon's

Proper, Hippocampus

Propers, Hippocampus

Schaffer Collaterals



A curved elevation of GRAY MATTER extending the entire length of the floor of the TEMPORAL HORN of the LATERAL VENTRICLE (see also TEMPORAL LOBE). The hippocampus proper, subiculum, and DENTATE GYRUS constitute the hippocampal formation. Sometimes authors include the ENTORHINAL CORTEX in the hippocampal formation.