Genes, Wilms Tumor


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Gene, MTACR1

Genes, Human WT2

Genes, MTACR1

Genes, WT1 Wilms Tumor

Genes, WT2 Wilms Tumor

Genes, Wilm

Genes, Wilm's

Genes, Wilms

Genes, Wilms'

Genes, Wilms' Tumor

Human WT2 Gene

Human WT2 Genes


MTACR1 Genes

Multiple Tumor Associated Chromosome Region 1 Genes

Multiple Tumor-Associated Chromosome Region 1 Genes

Tumor Genes, Wilms

Tumor Genes, Wilms'

WT1 Genes, Human

WT2 Gene, Human

WT2 Genes, Human

Wilms Genes

Wilms Tumor Genes

Wilms' Genes

Wilms' Tumor Genes

Genes at loci that are involved in the development of WILMS TUMOR. Included are human WT1 at 11p13 and human WT2 (MTACR1) at 11p15.