Cytotoxic Serine Protease B

Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Associated 1 Protein

Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Proteinase 1

Cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte Associated 1 Protein

Cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte Proteinase 1

Fragmentin 2


Granzyme 3

Granzyme A

Granzyme B

Granzyme C

Granzyme K

Granzyme Like Protein III

Granzyme M


Granzyme-Like Protein III

Hanukah Factor

NK Tryptase 2


Natural Killer Cell Granule Tryptase 2

Natural Killer Cell Granule Tryptase-2

A family of serine endopeptidases found in the SECRETORY GRANULES of LEUKOCYTES such as CYTOTOXIC T-LYMPHOCYTES and NATURAL KILLER CELLS. When secreted into the intercellular space granzymes act to eliminate transformed and virus-infected host cells.