Commissura Habenularum

Commissura Habenularums

Commissure, Habenular

Commissures, Habenular

Complex, Habenula

Complices, Habenula

Habenula Complex

Habenula Complices

Habenular Commissure

Habenular Commissures

Habenular Nuclei

Habenular Nucleus

Habenulari, Nucleus

Habenularis, Nucleus

Habenularum, Commissura

Habenularums, Commissura


Nuclei, Habenular

Nucleus Habenulari

Nucleus Habenularis

Nucleus, Habenular

A small protuberance at the dorsal, posterior corner of the wall of the THIRD VENTRICLE, adjacent to the dorsal THALAMUS and PINEAL BODY. It contains the habenular nuclei and is a major part of the epithalamus.