Hypertension, Pregnancy-Induced


Gestational Hypertension

Hypertension, Gestational

Hypertension, Pregnancy Induced

Hypertension, Pregnancy Transient

Hypertensions, Pregnancy Induced

Induced Hypertension, Pregnancy

Induced Hypertensions, Pregnancy

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

Pregnancy Transient Hypertension

Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension

Transient Hypertension, Pregnancy

A condition in pregnant women with elevated systolic (>140 mm Hg) and diastolic (>90 mm Hg) blood pressure on at least two occasions 6 h apart. HYPERTENSION complicates 8-10% of all pregnancies, generally after 20 weeks of gestation. Gestational hypertension can be divided into several broad categories according to the complexity and associated symptoms, such as EDEMA; PROTEINURIA; SEIZURES; abnormalities in BLOOD COAGULATION and liver functions.