Hypoglossal Nerve Diseases


Cranial Nerve XII Diseases

Cranial Nerve XII Disorders

Hypoglossal Nerve Disease

Hypoglossal Nerve Palsies

Hypoglossal Nerve Palsy

Hypoglossal Neuralgia

Hypoglossal Neuralgias

Hypoglossal Neuropathies

Hypoglossal Neuropathy

Neuralgia, Hypoglossal

Neuralgias, Hypoglossal

Neuropathies, Hypoglossal

Neuropathy, Hypoglossal

Palsies, Hypoglossal Nerve

Palsy, Hypoglossal Nerve

Twelfth Cranial Nerve Diseases

Twelfth Cranial Nerve Disorder

Diseases of the twelfth cranial (hypoglossal) nerve or nuclei. The nuclei and fascicles of the nerve are located in the medulla, and the nerve exits the skull via the hypoglossal foramen and innervates the muscles of the tongue. Lower brain stem diseases, including ischemia and MOTOR NEURON DISEASES may affect the nuclei or nerve fascicles. The nerve may also be injured by diseases of the posterior fossa or skull base. Clinical manifestations include unilateral weakness of tongue musculature and lingual dysarthria, with deviation of the tongue towards the side of weakness upon attempted protrusion.