Integrin alphaVbeta3


Integrin alpha v beta 3

Integrin alpha-v beta-3

Receptor, Vitronectin

Receptors, alpha v beta 3 Integrin

Receptors, alpha-v beta-3 Integrin

Vitronectin Receptor

alpha v beta 3 Integrin Receptors

alpha-v beta-3 Integrin Receptors

alpha-v beta-3, Integrin

alphaVbeta3, Integrin

beta-3, Integrin alpha-v

An integrin that binds to a variety of plasma and extracellular matrix proteins containing the conserved RGD amino acid sequence and modulates cell adhesion. Integrin alphavbeta3 is highly expressed in OSTEOCLASTS where it may play role in BONE RESORPTION. It is also abundant in vascular smooth muscle and endothelial cells, and in some tumor cells, where it is involved in angiogenesis and cell migration. Although often referred to as the vitronectin receptor there is more than one receptor for vitronectin (RECEPTORS, VITRONECTIN).