Jejunoileal Bypass


Bypass, Ileojejunal

Bypass, Intestinal

Bypass, Jejuno-Ileal

Bypass, Jejunoileal

Bypasses, Ileojejunal

Bypasses, Intestinal

Bypasses, Jejuno-Ileal

Bypasses, Jejunoileal

Ileojejunal Bypass

Ileojejunal Bypasses

Intestinal Bypass

Intestinal Bypasses

Jejuno Ileal Bypass

Jejuno-Ileal Bypass

Jejuno-Ileal Bypasses

Jejunoileal Bypasses

A procedure consisting of the SURGICAL ANASTOMOSIS of the proximal part of the JEJUNUM to the distal portion of the ILEUM, so as to bypass the nutrient-absorptive segment of the SMALL INTESTINE. Due to the severe malnutrition and life-threatening metabolic complications, this method is no longer used to treat MORBID OBESITY.