Lacrimal Apparatus


Apparatus, Lacrimal

Canthus, Lateral

Canthus, Medial

Conjunctival Sac

Conjunctival Sacs

Duct, Lacrimal

Ducts, Lacrimal

Gland, Lacrimal

Glands, Lacrimal

Lacrimal Duct

Lacrimal Ducts

Lacrimal Gland

Lacrimal Glands

Lacrimal Punctum

Lacrimal Punctums

Lateral Canthus

Medial Canthus

Punctum, Lacrimal

Punctums, Lacrimal

Sac, Conjunctival

Sacs, Conjunctival

The tear-forming and tear-conducting system which includes the lacrimal glands, eyelid margins, conjunctival sac, and the tear drainage system.