Larva Migrans


Creeping Eruption

Creeping Eruptions

Cutaneous Larva Migrans

Dew Itch

Dew Itchs

Eruption, Creeping

Eruptions, Creeping

Ground Itch

Ground Itchs

Itch, Dew

Itch, Ground

Itchs, Dew

Itchs, Ground

Larva Migrans, Cutaneous

Larva Migrans, Ocular

Ocular Larva Migrans

Infections caused by nematode larvae which never develop into the adult stage and migrate through various body tissues. They commonly infect the skin, eyes, and viscera in man. Ancylostoma brasiliensis causes cutaneous larva migrans. Toxocara causes visceral larva migrans.