Long Interspersed Nucleotide Elements


Element, Jockey

Element, L1

Element, LINE-1

Elements, Jockey

Elements, L1

Elements, LINE-1

Jockey Element

Jockey Elements

L1 Element

L1 Elements

LINE 1 Elements

LINE Repeat Sequence

LINE Repeat Sequences

LINE-1 Element

LINE-1 Elements

Long Interspersed DNA Sequence Elements

Repeat Sequence, LINE

Repeat Sequences, LINE

Sequence, LINE Repeat

Sequences, LINE Repeat

Highly repeated sequences, 6K-8K base pairs in length, which contain RNA polymerase II promoters. They also have an open reading frame that is related to the reverse transcriptase of retroviruses but they do not contain LTRs (long terminal repeats). Copies of the LINE 1 (L1) family form about 15% of the human genome. The jockey elements of Drosophila are LINEs.