Lymphotoxin alpha1, beta2 Heterotrimer


Heterotrimer, Lymphotoxin alphabeta

Lymphotoxin alpha1beta2

Lymphotoxin alphabeta

Lymphotoxin alphabeta Heterotrimer

alpha1beta2, Lymphotoxin

alphabeta Heterotrimer, Lymphotoxin

A heterotrimer complex consisting of one molecule of LYMPHOTOXIN-ALPHA and two molecules of the LYMPHOTOXIN-BETA. It is anchored to the cell surface via the transmembrane domains of the lymphotoxin-beta component and has specificity for the LYMPHOTOXIN BETA RECEPTOR. The lymphotoxin alpha1, beta2 heterotrimer plays a role in regulating lymphoid ORGANOGENESIS and the differentiation of certain subsets of NATURAL KILLER CELLS.