Bulbs, Krause's End

Cell, Mechanoreceptor

Cells, Mechanoreceptor

Corpuscle, Meissner's

Corpuscles, Ruffini's

End Bulbs, Krause's

Golgi Tendon Organs

Krause End Bulbs

Krause's End Bulbs

Krauses End Bulbs


Mechanoreceptor Cell

Mechanoreceptor Cells

Meissner Corpuscle

Meissner's Corpuscle

Meissners Corpuscle

Neurotendinous Spindle

Neurotendinous Spindles

Organs, Golgi Tendon

Receptor, Stretch

Receptors, Stretch

Ruffini Corpuscles

Ruffini's Corpuscles

Ruffinis Corpuscles

Spindle, Neurotendinous

Spindles, Neurotendinous

Stretch Receptor

Stretch Receptors

Tendon Organs, Golgi

Cells specialized to transduce mechanical stimuli and relay that information centrally in the nervous system. Mechanoreceptor cells include the INNER EAR hair cells, which mediate hearing and balance, and the various somatosensory receptors, often with non-neural accessory structures.