Medullary Sponge Kidney


Cacchi Ricci Disease

Cacchi Ricci Syndrome

Cacchi-Ricci Syndrome

Canalicular Ectasia, Precalyceal

Canalicular Ectasias, Precalyceal

Disease, Cacchi Ricci

Ectasia, Precalyceal Canalicular

Ectasias, Precalyceal Canalicular

Kidney, Sponge

Kidneys, Sponge

Medullary Sponge Kidneys

Precalyceal Canalicular Ectasia

Precalyceal Canalicular Ectasias

Ricci Disease, Cacchi

Sponge Kidney

Sponge Kidney, Medullary

Sponge Kidneys

Sponge Kidneys, Medullary

Syndrome, Cacchi-Ricci

A non-hereditary KIDNEY disorder characterized by the abnormally dilated (ECTASIA) medullary and inner papillary portions of the collecting ducts. These collecting ducts usually contain CYSTS or DIVERTICULA filled with jelly-like material or small calculi (KIDNEY STONES) leading to infections or obstruction. It should be distinguished from congenital or hereditary POLYCYSTIC KIDNEY DISEASES.