Microscopy, Energy-Filtering Transmission Electron




Electron Spectroscopic Imaging

Energy Filtered TEM

Energy Filtered Transmission Electron Microscopy

Energy Filtering Transmission Electron Microscopy

Energy-Filtered TEM

Energy-Filtered Transmission Electron Microscopy

Energy-Filtering Transmission Electron Microscopy

Imaging, Electron Spectroscopic

Microscopy, Energy Filtering Transmission Electron

Spectroscopic Imaging, Electron

TEM, Energy-Filtered

An analytical transmission electron microscopy method using an electron microscope fitted with an energy filtering lens. The method is based on the principle that some of the ELECTRONS passing through the specimen will lose energy when they ionize inner shell electrons of the atoms in the specimen. The amount of energy loss is dependent upon the element. Analysis of the energy loss spectrum (ELECTRON ENERGY-LOSS SPECTROSCOPY) reveals the elemental composition of a specimen. It is used analytically and quantitatively to determine which, how much of, and where specific ELEMENTS are in a sample. For example, it is used for elemental mapping of PHOSPHORUS to trace the strands of NUCLEIC ACIDS in nucleoprotein complexes.