Face Flies

Face Fly



Flies, Face

Flies, Horn

Flies, Stable

Fly, Face

Fly, Horn

Fly, Stable

Haematobia irritan

Haematobia irritans

Horn Flies

Horn Fly

Musca autumnali

Musca autumnalis

Stable Flies

Stable Fly

Stomoxys calcitran

Stomoxys calcitrans

autumnali, Musca

calcitran, Stomoxys

irritan, Haematobia

A family of the order DIPTERA with over 700 species. Important species that may be mechanical vectors of disease include Musca domesticus (HOUSEFLIES), Musca autumnalis (face fly), Stomoxys calcitrans (stable fly), Haematobia irritans (horn fly) and Fannia spp.