Muscle Spindles


Muscle Spindle

Muscle Stretch Receptor

Muscle Stretch Receptors

Neuromuscular Spindle

Neuromuscular Spindles

Receptor, Muscle Stretch

Receptors, Muscle Stretch

Receptors, Stretch, Muscle

Spindle, Muscle

Spindle, Neuromuscular

Spindles, Muscle

Spindles, Neuromuscular

Stretch Receptor, Muscle

Stretch Receptors, Muscle

Skeletal muscle structures that function as the MECHANORECEPTORS responsible for the stretch or myotactic reflex (REFLEX, STRETCH). They are composed of a bundle of encapsulated SKELETAL MUSCLE FIBERS, i.e., the intrafusal fibers (nuclear bag 1 fibers, nuclear bag 2 fibers, and nuclear chain fibers) innervated by SENSORY NEURONS.