Aphasia, Kussmaul

Aphasia, Kussmaul's

Conversion Mutism

Conversion Mutisms

Elective Mutism

Elective Mutisms

Kussmaul Aphasia

Kussmaul's Aphasia

Kussmauls Aphasia

Mutism, Conversion

Mutism, Elective

Mutism, Organic

Mutism, Selective

Mutism, Voluntary


Mutisms, Conversion

Mutisms, Elective

Mutisms, Organic

Mutisms, Voluntary

Organic Mutism

Organic Mutisms

Selective Mutism

Voluntary Mutism

Voluntary Mutisms

The inability to generate oral-verbal expression, despite normal comprehension of speech. This may be associated with BRAIN DISEASES or MENTAL DISORDERS. Organic mutism may be associated with damage to the FRONTAL LOBE; BRAIN STEM; THALAMUS; and CEREBELLUM. Selective mutism is a psychological condition that usually affects children characterized by continuous refusal to speak in social situations by a child who is able and willing to speak to selected persons. Kussmal aphasia refers to mutism in psychosis. (From Fortschr Neurol Psychiatr 1994; 62(9):337-44)