Myosin-Light-Chain Phosphatase


Calponin Phosphatase

Muscle Phosphatase-II, Smooth

Myosin Light Chain Phosphatase

Myosin Phosphatase

Phosphatase, Calponin

Phosphatase, Myosin

Phosphatase, Myosin-Light-Chain

Phosphatase-II, Smooth Muscle

Smooth Muscle MBP

Smooth Muscle Myosin bound Phosphatase

Smooth Muscle Myosin-bound Phosphatase

Smooth Muscle Phosphatase I

Smooth Muscle Phosphatase II

Smooth Muscle Phosphatase-I

Smooth Muscle Phosphatase-II

A phosphoprotein phosphatase that is specific for MYOSIN LIGHT CHAINS. It is composed of three subunits, which include a catalytic subunit, a myosin binding subunit, and a third subunit of unknown function.