Phosphoprotein Phosphatases


Casein Phosphatase

Ecto Phosphoprotein Phosphatase

Ecto-Phosphoprotein Phosphatase

Nuclear Protein Phosphatase

Phosphatase C, Protein

Phosphatase C-I, Protein

Phosphatase C-II, Protein

Phosphatase H-II, Protein

Phosphatase, Casein

Phosphatase, Ecto-Phosphoprotein

Phosphatase, Nuclear Protein

Phosphatase, Phosphohistone

Phosphatase, Phosphoprotein

Phosphatase, Phosphoseryl-Protein

Phosphatase, Protein-Serine-Threonine

Phosphatase, Protein-Threonine

Phosphatase, Serine-Threonine

Phosphatase, Threonine

Phosphatase-2C, Phosphoprotein

Phosphatases, Phosphoprotein

Phosphatases, Protein

Phosphohistone Phosphatase

Phosphohydrolase, Phosphoprotein

Phosphoprotein Phosphatase

Phosphoprotein Phosphatase 2C

Phosphoprotein Phosphatase-2C

Phosphoprotein Phosphohydrolase

Phosphoprotein phosphohydrolase

Phosphoseryl Protein Phosphatase

Phosphoseryl-Protein Phosphatase

Protein Phosphatase C

Protein Phosphatase C I

Protein Phosphatase C II

Protein Phosphatase C-I

Protein Phosphatase C-II

Protein Phosphatase H II

Protein Phosphatase H-II

Protein Phosphatase, Nuclear

Protein Phosphatases

Protein Serine Threonine Phosphatase

Protein Threonine Phosphatase

Protein-Serine-Threonine Phosphatase

Protein-Threonine Phosphatase

Serine Threonine Phosphatase

Serine-Threonine Phosphatase

Threonine Phosphatase

A group of enzymes removing the SERINE- or THREONINE-bound phosphate groups from a wide range of phosphoproteins, including a number of enzymes which have been phosphorylated under the action of a kinase. (Enzyme Nomenclature, 1992)