Central Nervous System Schistosomiasis

Myelitis, Schistosomal

Myelopathies, Schistosomal

Myelopathy, Schistosomal

Myeloradiculopathies, Schistosomal

Myeloradiculopathy, Schistosomal


Schistosomal Myelitis

Schistosomal Myelopathies

Schistosomal Myelopathy

Schistosomal Myeloradiculopathies

Schistosomal Myeloradiculopathy

Schistosomiasis, Central Nervous System

SCHISTOSOMIASIS of the brain, spinal cord, or meninges caused by infections with trematodes of the genus SCHISTOSOMA (primarily SCHISTOSOMA JAPONICUM; SCHISTOSOMA MANSONI; and SCHISTOSOMA HAEMATOBIUM in humans). S. japonicum infections of the nervous system may cause an acute meningoencephalitis or a chronic encephalopathy. S. mansoni and S. haematobium nervous system infections are associated with acute transverse myelitis involving the lower portions of the spinal cord. (From Joynt, Clinical Neurology, 1998, Ch27, pp61-2)