Oncogene Proteins v-fos


Fusion Proteins, gag-fos-fox

Oncogene Products v fos

Oncogene Products v-fos

Oncogene Protein p55(v-fos)

Oncogene Protein p75(gag-fos-fox)

Oncogene Proteins fos

Oncogene Proteins v fos

fos Oncogene Proteins

gag-fos-fox Fusion Proteins


p75 gag fos

p75 gag fos fox

p75 gag-fos

p75 gag-fos-fox



v fos Proteins

v-fos Proteins

Transforming proteins coded by fos oncogenes. These proteins have been found in the Finkel-Biskis-Jinkins (FBJ-MSV) and Finkel-Biskis-Reilly (FBR-MSV) murine sarcoma viruses which induce osteogenic sarcomas in mice. The FBJ-MSV v-fos gene encodes a p55-kDa protein and the FBR-MSV v-fos gene encodes a p75-kDa fusion protein.