Ophthalmoplegia, Chronic Progressive External



Chronic Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia

Disease, Graefe

Dystrophy, Ocular Muscular

External Ophthalmoplegia, Progressive

Graefe Disease

Graefe's Disease

Mitochondrial Ocular Myopathy

Muscular Dystrophies, Ocular

Muscular Dystrophy, Ocular

Myopathy, Mitochondrial Ocular

Ocular Muscular Dystrophies

Ocular Muscular Dystrophy

Ocular Myopathy of Von Graefe Fuchs

Ocular Myopathy of Von Graefe-Fuchs

Ocular Myopathy, Mitochondrial

Ophthalmoplegia, Progressive External

Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia

A mitochondrial myopathy characterized by slowly progressive paralysis of the levator palpebrae, orbicularis oculi, and extraocular muscles. Ragged-red fibers and atrophy are found on muscle biopsy. Familial and sporadic forms may occur. Disease onset is usually in the first or second decade of life, and the illness slowly progresses until usually all ocular motility is lost. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p1422)